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My week was delightful and I’d love to talk about it, but I think I’m going to do this blog a little bit differently than normal. I’m going to mess with my normal format a bit because this is something I wanna talk about and have been thinking about all summer:). But before I get into all that jazz, Happy Birthday to Niall Horan!! (aka ex-one direction singer)(aka aka the love of my life until I turned 9)

This year I’m really going to up the dose on doing things that make me happy. But not in the sense of playing Stardew Valley and watching movies even though those activities bring me joy, but more like working on my algebra because the little “dadala” noise that happens when you get a question right on Khan Academy makes me happy, and being better at math gets me more “dadala”s.

Last year I was struggling with myself about academics because I felt unproductive and forced myself to listen to SAT/calculus/trig math explanation videos that were too advanced for my math level so that I wouldn’t feel ‘dumb’.I kept getting frustrated with myself for not being twice as smart as everyone else my age. I was not doing anything productive and kept getting mad at myself for not doing anything productive therefore I would worry about not being smart so much that I would not do anything productive again and again and again. Preeeeety exhausting if ya ask me.

This year I’m going to set reasonable goals for myself that make sense, are doable and well… reasonable. This may sound obvious to whoever is reading this but it was really difficult for me to realize that being mean to myself wasn’t dope.

In conclusion, this has been a kinda ranty post but I wanted to get it all off my chest because I have spent a lot of the summer thinking about it.

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