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Glad to be back!

I had an amazing summer and I’m looking forward to a productive school year!

I also had an amazing first half week, but before I get into that… Happy Birthday to John Wall!! Dopest point guard ever!!!!!!

Aaanyway, on Wednesday school started so I’m just now getting back into the flow of school but I still managed to get a couple things done.

I did a lot of algebra b/c spending the whole summer made me quite rusty at math, as it usually does. Mostly getting back to being familiar with variables, fractions and decimals, that sort of thing.

I also have started to read To Kill a Mocking Bird and I loooove it! I’m about halfway through and it’s really great. I find it super interesting that it’s set in the 1930s because I keep finding myself thinking “Oh my gosh, my GRANDMA was alive during this!” which is crazy to think about. Also, quick side note, why was everyone SO racist? Could they not like tone it down a smidge?

One of my favorite things I did was play Wiki Trails, which @timotree introduced to me and it’s so so so much fun! Basically, you try to get to one Wikipedia page to another by clicking links inside of the page in as few clicks as possible. For example, if I was trying to get from the bulbasaur page to Michelle Obama in the fewest clicks possible I might do bulbasaur>nintendo>Japan>United States>Barack Obama>Michelle Obama, which would be 6 clicks. I hope that makes sense!!

I had an amazing week (well more like 3 days) and I’m super excited for next week!!




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