It’s the last blog of the school year from me, I had an amazing school year and am excited for next year to be even more productive, focused and learn as much as possible!

Since it’s the last blog post I’ll give you a treat! Three birthdays! Happy Birthday to Prince, Bear Grylls and Liam Neeson!


Monday: I read Animal Farm and did my daily French

Tuesday: I did math and French + grilling hotdogs & hamburgers for cooking. Pro tip from yours truly: put chips in your hotdog bun everyone will think you’re a weirdo but your mouth will be like YyeeEAAAAAA baBEEY trust me;))

Wednesday: Read Animal Farm and did French

Thursday: I did my daily French on duolingo and I went to Governors Island! It was really fun taking the ferry there and also playing soccer with two random five year olds, they were super sweet and AWESOME!!!

Friday: I did my daily French, anatomy & physiology, last burrito cup of the year and blogged… well right now I am blogging but when I’m done I will have blogged.. metaa!!

Thanks for a great school year! See y’all in September!




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