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My week

Happy Birthday to Andy Hurley!

Monday: There was no school so..

Tuesday: I did math on Khan Academy and my Daily French with Duolingo

Wednesday: I did Chemistry with Hugo, we finished Introduction of the atom! Super stoked about that 🙂

Thursday: The kids from the Montreal ALC came and they helped me with my french which was impressionnante! I went to Rockefeller Center with Beth, Ryan, Erez, Sebastian, Aniya, Doug, and all of the Montreal kids. We went to the Nintendo Store and the Lego shop, it was so much fun. It was also the assembly meeting when we came back, I facilitated the Animal Name game where you go around in a circle and say your name and the animal you feel like and act it out and I also facilitated Movement Telephone where you play telephone normally except with dance moves. It was a really awesome night.

Friday: I went on a trip to the MET and looked at the art installations and worked on my French with Duolingo.

It was a fun week!

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