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My Week + Pennsylvania

First off, Happy Birthday to G-Eazy!

Second off, my week:

Monday: I did French and learned about German history.

Tuesday: I did math, French, grilled fruits + veggies in cooking, and I learned about Avagadro’s Number in Chemistry.

Wednesday: I did French and learned a song on the piano.

Thursday: I learned how to build a resume and did French.

Friday: I did math, French, Anatomy & Physiology, and I talked about summer jobs with Mel & Abby.

Also, from the 16th-19th of May I went to Pennsylvania to do an ALC facilitation program plus some other fun things so I’ll write about what we did there.

When I’m older I want to become a second grade teacher, so it was incredible on the 17th when Beth and I went to Saint Elizabeth Parish School because Ms. Hoyer allowed me to help teach second grade about their bones! It was so much fun to talk to Francesca, Kathrine, Eva and Jack.  I loved them all so much, they were all so lovely. Beth and I also helped run the gym classes with 2nd, 4th and 6th grade. Second grade was great at Escape from Hades. 4th grade was amazing at some Shark game I forget the name of (Shark game God please forgive me) and 6th grade was bomb at kickball. It was overall really fun! ❤

The next day, on the 18th, was the facilitation program in Philadelphia. Beth, Timo, Nahla and myself facilitated a full day at the Philly ALC. I offered Improv games, it was awesome.





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