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My week

Today’s famous birthday is… will.i.am! ZOOOM!! (@sunday’s bff!)


Okay, anyway..


This week, as all others was very fun.

Monday: I did geoguessr, french and math.

Tuesday: I did math, french and then went to see Captain Marvel! It was so good, I loved the cat!

Wednesday: I did writing time which was very fun, then french, read and math with help from @timotree who was helping me understand ARC on graphs until I really got it, so thank you @timotree.

Thursday: I started the day off with reading Rebecca in the office with @beths10, @timotree and @douglasawesome. It was lovely having a nice quiet space for doing focused work. I brought in a homemade (yes, homemade @timotree!) apple pie for the potluck since it was pi day. Can you believe I’m the first to ever thing of making a pie of 3/14? Crazy.

Friday: I did anatomy and physiology where I learned about the kidneys and then I did maths 2.


It was a good week! 🙂


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