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Whattt is upp drama alert nation I’m your host, Illiterate Iphy lettts gettt riggght into the famous birthday of the week!!!! ITS KEEMSTAR! (@thewitchqueen908’s BFF!)

back to the program.

This week was great. Here’s what happened:

Monday: Acro, kickball, did some french and then made signs for the Chipotle fundraiser (Say ALC!).

Tuesday: First I did french. After that, maths with Ryan where I worked on functions and then following that I did cooking where we made cheese biscuits (super good).

Wednesday: I went to writing time and wrote about the laws of copyright. Soon after I did french and some more functions.

Thursday: It was a pretty chill day, I spent most of it practicing française and reading Rebecca.

Friday: Today started with talking about cannibalism with Chuck, Ryan, Evan and Timo, normal morning. Afterward I did some french and then moved onto doing math puzzles with some people. After that I did Maths II. 😉


And that was my week!

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