My week was delightful and I’d love to talk about it, but I think I’m going to do this blog a little bit differently than normal. I’m going to mess with my normal format a bit because this is something I wanna talk about and have been thinking about all summer:). But before I get into all that jazz, Happy Birthday to Niall Horan!! (aka ex-one direction singer)(aka aka the love of my life until I turned 9)

This year I’m really going to up the dose on doing things that make me happy. But not in the sense of playing Stardew Valley and watching movies even though those activities bring me joy, but more like working on my algebra because the little “dadala” noise that happens when you get a question right on Khan Academy makes me happy, and being better at math gets me more “dadala”s.

Last year I was struggling with myself about academics because I felt unproductive and forced myself to listen to SAT/calculus/trig math explanation videos that were too advanced for my math level so that I wouldn’t feel ‘dumb’.I kept getting frustrated with myself for not being twice as smart as everyone else my age. I was not doing anything productive and kept getting mad at myself for not doing anything productive therefore I would worry about not being smart so much that I would not do anything productive again and again and again. Preeeeety exhausting if ya ask me.

This year I’m going to set reasonable goals for myself that make sense, are doable and well… reasonable. This may sound obvious to whoever is reading this but it was really difficult for me to realize that being mean to myself wasn’t dope.

In conclusion, this has been a kinda ranty post but I wanted to get it all off my chest because I have spent a lot of the summer thinking about it.

Glad to be back!

I had an amazing summer and I’m looking forward to a productive school year!

I also had an amazing first half week, but before I get into that… Happy Birthday to John Wall!! Dopest point guard ever!!!!!!

Aaanyway, on Wednesday school started so I’m just now getting back into the flow of school but I still managed to get a couple things done.

I did a lot of algebra b/c spending the whole summer made me quite rusty at math, as it usually does. Mostly getting back to being familiar with variables, fractions and decimals, that sort of thing.

I also have started to read To Kill a Mocking Bird and I loooove it! I’m about halfway through and it’s really great. I find it super interesting that it’s set in the 1930s because I keep finding myself thinking “Oh my gosh, my GRANDMA was alive during this!” which is crazy to think about. Also, quick side note, why was everyone SO racist? Could they not like tone it down a smidge?

One of my favorite things I did was play Wiki Trails, which @timotree introduced to me and it’s so so so much fun! Basically, you try to get to one Wikipedia page to another by clicking links inside of the page in as few clicks as possible. For example, if I was trying to get from the bulbasaur page to Michelle Obama in the fewest clicks possible I might do bulbasaur>nintendo>Japan>United States>Barack Obama>Michelle Obama, which would be 6 clicks. I hope that makes sense!!

I had an amazing week (well more like 3 days) and I’m super excited for next week!!




It’s the last blog of the school year from me, I had an amazing school year and am excited for next year to be even more productive, focused and learn as much as possible!

Since it’s the last blog post I’ll give you a treat! Three birthdays! Happy Birthday to Prince, Bear Grylls and Liam Neeson!


Monday: I read Animal Farm and did my daily French

Tuesday: I did math and French + grilling hotdogs & hamburgers for cooking. Pro tip from yours truly: put chips in your hotdog bun everyone will think you’re a weirdo but your mouth will be like YyeeEAAAAAA baBEEY trust me;))

Wednesday: Read Animal Farm and did French

Thursday: I did my daily French on duolingo and I went to Governors Island! It was really fun taking the ferry there and also playing soccer with two random five year olds, they were super sweet and AWESOME!!!

Friday: I did my daily French, anatomy & physiology, last burrito cup of the year and blogged… well right now I am blogging but when I’m done I will have blogged.. metaa!!

Thanks for a great school year! See y’all in September!




My week

Happy Birthday to Andy Hurley!

Monday: There was no school so..

Tuesday: I did math on Khan Academy and my Daily French with Duolingo

Wednesday: I did Chemistry with Hugo, we finished Introduction of the atom! Super stoked about that 🙂

Thursday: The kids from the Montreal ALC came and they helped me with my french which was impressionnante! I went to Rockefeller Center with Beth, Ryan, Erez, Sebastian, Aniya, Doug, and all of the Montreal kids. We went to the Nintendo Store and the Lego shop, it was so much fun. It was also the assembly meeting when we came back, I facilitated the Animal Name game where you go around in a circle and say your name and the animal you feel like and act it out and I also facilitated Movement Telephone where you play telephone normally except with dance moves. It was a really awesome night.

Friday: I went on a trip to the MET and looked at the art installations and worked on my French with Duolingo.

It was a fun week!

My Week + Pennsylvania

First off, Happy Birthday to G-Eazy!

Second off, my week:

Monday: I did French and learned about German history.

Tuesday: I did math, French, grilled fruits + veggies in cooking, and I learned about Avagadro’s Number in Chemistry.

Wednesday: I did French and learned a song on the piano.

Thursday: I learned how to build a resume and did French.

Friday: I did math, French, Anatomy & Physiology, and I talked about summer jobs with Mel & Abby.

Also, from the 16th-19th of May I went to Pennsylvania to do an ALC facilitation program plus some other fun things so I’ll write about what we did there.

When I’m older I want to become a second grade teacher, so it was incredible on the 17th when Beth and I went to Saint Elizabeth Parish School because Ms. Hoyer allowed me to help teach second grade about their bones! It was so much fun to talk to Francesca, Kathrine, Eva and Jack.  I loved them all so much, they were all so lovely. Beth and I also helped run the gym classes with 2nd, 4th and 6th grade. Second grade was great at Escape from Hades. 4th grade was amazing at some Shark game I forget the name of (Shark game God please forgive me) and 6th grade was bomb at kickball. It was overall really fun! ❤

The next day, on the 18th, was the facilitation program in Philadelphia. Beth, Timo, Nahla and myself facilitated a full day at the Philly ALC. I offered Improv games, it was awesome.





My week

My week was fantastic, but before getting into it, Happy Birthday to Ellen Ochoa!

Monday: I did acrobatics, French and the first class of Chemistry here at ALC!

Tuesday: I did math, French and learned how light and colors work in Science class.

Wednesday: I made watercolor cards in Art Class, French and learned facilitator games for the Philadelphia trip. I also took a Forensic Science class.

Thursday: I went rock climbing, read Rebecca, and learned about Jack the Killer.

Friday: I did Anatomy & Physiology, Math and now blogging!

It was a good week. (A very good week indeed.)

My week

My week was fantastic, but before I talk about it, Happy Birthday, Noah Munck!

Monday: The week started with Acro, kickball and then French.

Tuesday: I helped out Hugo in math since my computer was broken and did my daily French.

Wednesday: I did writing time with Mel, Beth, Hugo, and Timo. Next, I did social studies and did my daily French.

Thursday:  I got my computer back! The first thing I did was worked on math and watched a couple of videos to prepare myself for Anatomy & Physiology and then I watched videos to learn about forensic science.

Friday: First I watched some videos about blood and the chemistry behind it with Beth and Hugo, then I went to Anatomy & Physiology and after that, I did Math and finished my french for the week.

Have a good weekend everyone!



Last week at school

This is the last week at school, happy birthday to Bendon Urie!

This week was super fun.

Monday: I worked on my essay about nursery rhymes, did math and French.

Tuesday: I did cooking where we made poké bowls, practiced math, worked on my essay and did French.

Wednesday: I polished up my essay in writing time, did some French, went to finance club and went to the park since it was so nice out.

Thursday: I went climbing at Cliffs and worked on a hard problem with @melody and @beths10. I also did my daily French practice.

Friday: I did anatomy and physiology where we learned about blood and then did maths II.

To summarize, I had a great week and am excited for spring break!


Here’s my essay:

Usually people associate glee and delight with nursery rhymes, but in reality, there’s nothing joyful about this dark nursery rhyme. Ring around the rosy is a very well known nursery rhyme, lots of kids around the world play it every single day, so it is interesting that most people don’t know that the true meaning behind the disturbing poem is that it’s actually about the bubonic plague. Ring around the rosy uses the literary device of rhyming to help distract young children so that they didn’t have to think about this terrible plague that’s killing their family and friends.


Ring around the rosy is a very old nursery rhyme that began around the 1300s. Right around that time the second pandemic of the bubonic plague was alive and well, killing many people and many families. Children dance in a ring with their arms interlocked while they sing the words “Ring around the rosy” The symptoms of the plague included a rosy red rash in the shape of a ring on the skin.


The second line reads “A pocketful of posies” This is referring to the doctors who wore plague masks filled with posies and other fresh smelling flowers because the doctors at the time believed that the plague was transmitted through the air, therefore stuffing their masks with lovely smelling flowers would make them immune to the plague.


The final line says “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.” The children would now fall over onto the ground, simulating death from the bubonic plague. The ashes reference the remains from the cremation of burning corpses of people who died from the plague. Most people who died from the plague were burned in large groups so that they couldn’t infect any more people.


In conclusion, Ring around the Rosy was used back in the 1300s to relax young children and help divert their attention from the horrible plague and on to a fun and cheerful nursery rhyme where they would sing and dance. Many people are unaware of the eerie past of this innocent-seeming nursery rhyme.


My week

Happy birthday to Booker T. Washington!


Here’s what happened in my week:

Monday: I worked on my essay about animal testing, and I did Acrobatics. Also, Douglas ran around in a box for April fools. It was really funny.

Tuesday: I did Math class and worked on average rate of change and linear word problems. I also worked on my essay and did cooking, then made candy with Chuck, the candy master!

Wednesday: I did Math and submitted my essay.

Thursday: I watched some videos on blood from Khan Academy to prepare for Anatomy & Physiology.

Friday: I played a round of Exploding Kittens, then did Anatomy & Physiology, Poker and watched some Phil Hellmuth getting angry at losing poker clips with Ryan, Douglas, and Luca. Definitely recommend, because they are hilarious.

Here’s my essay I was working on:


Iphy Murphy




Persuasive Essay


Animal testing is cruel, expensive and unreliable and it should be banned around the world. While it does offer benefits, there are better alternatives that can help save these animals lives and do a more accurate job.


Animal testing is not always a foolproof plan, animal tests have misled researchers in the past into ignoring potential cures and treatment. For example, in the 1950s, the sleeping pill Thalidomide was tested on animals before its commercial release yet caused 10,000 babies to be born with deformities. This proves that some chemicals can be harmful to animals but safe on humans or vise versa. “Currently, 9 out of 10 experimental drugs fail because we can not accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal studies.” -Michael O. Leavitt, former secretary for the US Department of Health and Human Services. Imagine how many cures we have missed because they behave differently in animals than humans?


Animals are locked in small cages never being able to see sunlight, they get impregnated and right when they give birth their baby is taken from them which can be so traumatic, they go insane. U.S. law lets animals be burned, poisoned, starved, drowned, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged. These mistreated animals aren’t even required to have painkillers when they get agonized. No matter how painful the process is, it is allowed in the name of science. There are better options rather than testing on animals that work better and save more lives, such as in vitro testing, where scientists study biological properties that are done in a test tube rather than on an animal or a human. It is substantially cheaper; for example:

Testing unscheduled DNA synthesis on animals would be $32,000, as opposed to doing an in vitro test which would just be $11,000.


It is true that animal testing has been used to cure various diseases primarily including rabies, certain types of lymphoma, give us sunscreen, our makeup products.

Yes, it has been helpful because it gave us a way to know if we were going to get skin cancer from our sunscreen or from our makeup products, but it is dated. We are currently living in the future and have access to newer, better alternatives that can help us get these same products for a fraction of the price, and save millions of lives.


In conclusion, animal testing is a heavily debated topic, some say it is a necessity while others say there are better alternatives. It is expensive, not very useful, cruel and also risky. There are useful alternatives that make more sense financially and also save millions of animal lives.



My week

I couldn’t choose which actor I liked best because they’re both my favorites of all time so happy birthday to Reese Witherspoon and Constance Wu!

My week was good as always, here are the highlights:

Monday: I did acro and then did the biggest kickball game ALC has ever seen! It was really fun. Afterwards I worked on my essay, went to the park and headed back for werewolves.

Tuesday: I did math, made sandwiches and soup at cooking and worked on my essay.

Wednesday: I worked on my essay on sci-fi in writing time.

Thursday: I read and worked on my essay.

Friday: I did anatomy and physiology with @melody and math 2.