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Happy birthday to ImAlexx!!!! He’s really funny you should sub to him on yt!!!

Today i played poker it was very fun, but @agilion is catching up to me 😮

I also played BANG! It was SOO much fun thanks to @sunday @douglasawesome @hugo @beths10 @sekret and @agilion !!!

Also, I drew on the windows telling people to CLOSE THE WINDOWS PLEASE!! (when you leave the room.)

Yesterday we all got metro-cards! Vv fun. I just got my tarot read, I got the SAME card as I got last week.. What are the chances!!! It’s that I’m building something, i dont know what that thing is but its all gud.. Anyway i also went to the museum with @melody and @hugo ! very funn I really enjoyed this giant squid fighting a sperm whale 3k feet under water where no light can be seen!! Its a really cool piece

Also, if you wanna cringe, i just remembered my website i made when i was 8 or 9 viewer discretion advised: www.unclecheesy-yo.weebly.com

It sucks but thats okay! Because i can make fun of it now!


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