Home » happy friday january 25 2:20:57!!!!!

happy friday january 25 2:20:57!!!!!

happy birthday to…. pooh-man!!!!!!!!!!

i looked on famous birthdays and its pooh-mans birthday, so happy birthday pooh-man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

every week starting now ill start my blog with someones birthday!!!

also, today i used @melody ‘s tarot cards, p cool stuff. i think im building something with someone so thats fun.

on thursday we went to momath!!!! super cool.


today eli came to visit.. funnnnnn stuff


i’m #1 in poker at 1900 or somethn like that..

today we did anatomy and physiology but after the first video we kinda did history, starting from the beginning of earth, but this brought the question, how do we know earth started that way? it’s just a theory..also┬ánautilus(‘s?) are.. well..terrifying. ]=

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