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My Sister is Coming Home! <3

My sister is coming home tomorrow. I am so excited! Her name is Ellie, well, it’s technically her nickname because her real name is: Laura Elizabeth which is, “LE” so it naturally becomes Ellie. Anyways, I’ll stop oversharing about my sister and write about my week:

On Monday I did acro which was super fun. I flipped upside-down so many times… I might’ve thrown up once or twice, but we don’t need to dwell on that.

On Tuesday I did Cooking. We made vegan tacos. Yum.

On Wednesday I played Tigris and Euphrates at board game 🌿 (hehe board game thyme, I’m funny shut up).

On Thursday I played werewolves leg(acy).

On Friday I did poker. I’m in 4th place, I’m coming for you @ryanshollenberger


That was my week!



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