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Serena Won’t Give Me Her Crystal Light And I Am Mad

This was a super great week because…

Pathfinders was really fun this week. Our group burned all the forests in the world and were forced to fight each other for 300,000 goblins! Fun times. This whole month I’ve been obsessed with decorating my room, so I made a little piece for it! I made a bird out of from nails, I don’t have a picture but I’m happy with how it turned out.


These little dividers are so cute, I love them because they jiggle a bit, that was a weird choice of words. I went to the New York Hall of Science. It was really interesting and super fun. Did you know that a cockroach could live for a week without its head and the way it would die is from thirst? Also, I played werewolves. I was the first death. I tried… Oh! One more thing, I’ve been getting better at my script, I don’t know I just wanted to say that.


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