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My week was very, very fun and I’m not really sure why… I think it’s because the school year is almost over and I’m excited for summer. Oh, while we’re on the topic of exciting things, I just started Undertale! It’s a really, really fun game that I started playing on Wednesday! So, I’m pretty sure there are three “modes” and however you play you will get a mode at the end. your mode is decided right before you finish the game and I went on neutral (which is killing if needed to) and I’m now going to do a pacifist run (which is not killing anything) and after it i’m going to do genocide (killing ALL).┬áThis is probably the most story-over-game-ish type of game that i’ve ever played and I LOVE IT! I could go on and on and on for hours, but in conclusion, i’m excited for summer and camp, but also happy that i’ve found a new game that I enjoy. :))

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