My week was very, very fun and I’m not really sure why… I think it’s because the school year is almost over and I’m excited for summer. Oh, while we’re on the topic of exciting things, I just started Undertale! It’s a really, really fun game that I started playing on Wednesday! So, I’m pretty sure there are three “modes” and however you play you will get a mode at the end. your mode is decided right before you finish the game and I went on neutral (which is killing if needed to) and I’m now going to do a pacifist run (which is not killing anything) and after it i’m going to do genocide (killing ALL). This is probably the most story-over-game-ish type of game that i’ve ever played and I LOVE IT! I could go on and on and on for hours, but in conclusion, i’m excited for summer and camp, but also happy that i’ve found a new game that I enjoy. :))

My fantabulous resume

Okay I spent most of blogging time making a resume so that I can see Xander’s blog (don’t even ask..), I know, I know, “Iphy! how are you so responsible with time!” You may be asking, well I can’t answer that because there isn’t enough time to tell you until spawn. Oh well, here’s the resume: 

wowza. summer is a thing. and its hawwwwt.

wow! i can’t believe that theres only like 15 or something more days of school! i can’t wait for camp, i’m really excited for summer! something i’m not so excited for is (dun dun dun) THE SUN. I have an ocular herpetic infection, and it causes a lot of things, but the worst thing right now in all the heat is that it’s difficult for me to be in extreme heats and colds, well the cold thing isn’t effecting me currently, DUH but the heat thing is definitely making me feel very tired, hey fun fact once I almost got critically injured and had to be rushed to the hospital because of heat! :))))))))))))))))))))))) don’t you love fun facts? I do! did you know that The first american film to show a toilet being flushed on screen was Alfred Hitchcock’s psycho. yep. yep. you’re probably very confused right now. good.


so i’m not sure if you read the title but WHAT! theres only four (4) weeks left until school ends and i’m hecking flabbergasted to say the least

this week went by v. quickly

this week was really fun but it went by very very fast and to be honest i cannot remember everything that happened.. so godbye..

wow this is such a bad blog post… well i guess i’ll have to live with it


so the iphsters is out of ideas so i’m going to talk about the game terraria! (i have no other ideas if you couldn’t tell)

so i got this game maybe a month or so ago? I’ve played around 200 hours of it already (it’s sad, i know.) and i really like it! I like how it has ~some~ structure to it, and i really really enjoy the multiplayer aspect of it. i hope that the main developers of  terraria add more items and bosses into the game, or maybe another mode/more npcs and stuff like that, okay now to the not so great things about it: personally i feel like its very limited if you’re not a very creative person, (@myself)  because yeah yeah you beat the game… then what? i mean you have the best gear, rarest pets, every trophy of every boss, best vanity items and the only thing left to do is to… i guess build a cool base? yeah that’s where i’m not the best.. so i scroll on google for 15 minutes and not be able to find one i like so i don’t build one. and then i feel very lost and not sure what to do next, and yeah this probably happens with most games because.. most games aren’t infinite… and you can stretch it out if you’re creative but.. ahem.. that’s not me. well yeah, i’m finished. I think the reason i made this post is because i’m looking for a new game and am a bit frustrated in finding one thats not crazily expensive, and actually good at the same time.. okay in conclusion: i love this game, and it’s very fun playing a round of it.. but i think thats its not forever. okay thats all 🙂


one of the free writes i’ve done

here’s one of the free writes i did.. enjoy


Hi, so I’m doing a free write right now.. haha that sounds cool… free write right now.. hehe. There are so many rights. Theres I am right! There’s I need to write this before my ten minute timer goes off and im just filling the page with whatever words come to my mind first (incinerator) and theres make a left and then in two miles take a right, and then theres the last name, wright, right? Wait.. I just did something… okay I’ve come up with a lil something… Okay, welcome to your driving test Mr. Wright, make a right on writers avenue, wait… your last name is Wright, right OH!!! RIGHT!!! It’s Dwigh— AHH TAKE A RIGHT!! Ok I don’t know what that was, actually I do, I know what is was. It was writing on a computer. Its a writing exercise that is: write for ten minutes without stopping and thats what im doing, wait actually I just stopped, ah I did it again, I need to stop! Anyway, oh on the word “anyway” I always said anyways until my dad was like that person who told me what it actually was and I was kinda mad at first but then I got happy because now I grammar a little better! That reminds me of the Hannah two spaces after period story. Oh once I was at the dentist a while ago and I had gone straight from school (so I didn’t brush my teeth before) fhvjhfgfekjysfghdehfbneh (sorry I didn’t want to pause so I spammed my keyboard) and so I told my dentist that I hadn’t brushed before jkkkkdjwjhfj (again, whoops) and she said something along the lines of “honey its a lot more than jwjsdnvujefervffjujj (last time I promise) than one day, trust me” and I thought it was so funny but also like 🙁 my teeth are bad. But now they’re good. Ahhh I knew like a minute ago I was over time but tHE IPHSTERS JUST KEPT ON GOING (I wrote the tHE then I added the uncapitalized t cuz im funny ha ok bye) OH MY MY I JST REALIZED I’m WHOLE  2 MINUTES OVER OH MY (((((Okay bye))))))

I’m not sure

This was a writing exercise I did where I just wrote for ten minutes whatever came out of my brain, Enjoy!


Okay hi hello I don’t have a plan but whatever thats fine…ewjnefhewhfehfieuhfieufheufheu I didn’t know what to write so I wrote that. I can hear Douglas telling someone something about logging in.. I think??? I hear running water from Ryan, well not FROM him but its coming from the sink he turned on. You know those coned emails you get? Maybe you don’t but my mom gets them and it tells her how bad she is at saving power compared to our neighbors so what if there was a criminal and what they do is they sneak into houses and turn on all the lights and plug a bunch of lights in and turn on all the taps and they they *sneakily* get out and that person suddenly gets an email from coned and they’re like WHAT ?? For the past year I’ve never used running water or even thought about light whyyyyyyyy and then they see what as happened and they’re like… oh my… the CONed has struck my house.. I am ruined… ouch my skin is dry and itchy woah what if everything spelt with a y at the end was turning into an tarzan., originally I was going to say what if every word that ended in y ended in I instead but… I like Tarzan better… so anyway back to the Tarzan instead of y. Thnk about all the possibilities! Like, invisibilittarzan talkintarzan, focusintarzan AND SO MUCH MORE! And you could do it with any word… wait…. What if instead of Tarzan it was a word that ended in Y so it was a continuous loop?? Omg im a genius. Okay whats a word that ends in y… hmmmm Wednesday? Sure Wednesday. Okay so we also need to come up with another word that ends in y, hmmm sleepy? That sounds good! Okay lets start our train.. SleepWednesdaWednesdaWednesdaWednesdaWednesda… and so on! I love this concept… wait how did I start this again?

are demons romanticized?

hEy whats upps Vsauce here



anyway so this week I was absent like half of the week I went rock climbing i meAN BOULDERING and yeah i mean i just got a pizza for $5 (wow whadda deal) and yeah thats it im really hujngry